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By Evil12345678910 - uploaded on 2008-6-16      461 views (32 in the last 7 days)      5 votes (0 in the last 7 days)

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davmac writes (on 2008-6-16):

I like the graphics, and it plays quite nicely. Level 2 is very short, however, and level 3 is pretty much impossible...

polle writes (on 2008-6-17):

Cool game. Level 3 is crazy!

delmar writes (on 2008-6-17):

This is strangely effective. I don't know what it is - maybe it's the punky music....

delmar writes (on 2008-6-17):

Woohoo - 850 points!!

(But you have to look very quickly - the score disappears when you get the Game Over... Maybe it could stay? Or tell me in big numbers in the Game Over message?)

mjrb4 writes (on 2008-6-17):

Simple and effective! Can't say the music is really my thing but ya can't have everything :P

davmac writes (on 2008-6-18):

I beat you delmar - 1000 points!

mjrb4 writes (on 2008-7-14):

1055. Oh yeh. :)

Artemis writes (on 2008-7-19):

cool game

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