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* This is a modification of the original Infestation scenario to cause the spiders to
* turn red when they engage in combat, to turn green when they die, and to produce
* three offspring each time they reproduce. The number of spiders initially placed in
* the world was also increased to 400. When a spider turns red, it puffs itself up to appear a little larger and exposes ugly blue fangs. The fangs are hard to see when it is running but you can see them if you click the pause button.
* When a spider dies it curls its legs under itself the way spiders are prone to do.

An infestation of unfriendly spiders.

Click the Run button to start.
Click the Reset button and the Run button to restart.

Spiders fight for territory and some die when they
fight. When a spider dies, it lays motionless for the
duration of the run and is ignored by the remaining
live spiders.

All live spiders reproduce when the user clicks the
world, each live spider producing three offspring.

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