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Tags: boardgame game mouse physics simulation with-source

How to play:
Press 'Run' and then click-and-drag the golden ball. Clear the
board within the given number of moves. Bonus points are awarded
for keeping the golden ball on the board when it is cleared, and
for finishing in fewer moves than indicated. You earn an additional try
for every three boards cleared.

New in this version: More (and more interesting) levels.

Ideas for the future:
Levels (so that you only go to the beginning of the current level
when you lose, not the very start of the game).
"Black marbles": these must not fall of the board (but will be somewhat
in the way).
Smoking marbles (these must be cleared off the board within a given
time, or they'll explode...)

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mjrb4 writes (on 2008-10-20):

Ooo I remember this, it's great now the scores / levels have been added :)

kenshinakh writes (on 2008-10-21):

Hm this is an interesting class (the smooth movement class). Just wondering, how do you stop an object from being moved around by the user when the game is paused?

mik writes (on 2008-10-21):

To stop an object being moved, lock the scenario. You can do this with a checkbox at the bottom of the 'Export' dialogue.

A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Oct 25 21:08:55 UTC 2008

mjrb4 writes (2 days ago):

Love the extra levels in this, especially the ones with the wooden blocks!

A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Oct 26 10:34:59 UTC 2008

mik writes (2 days ago):

Fixed a bug: when gold marble drops, don't lose the board immediately, but wait until other balls stop to see whether the board is cleared. writes (2 days ago):

wow, if clicked the run button again while its game over, i can play it again :D

mjrb4 writes (2 days ago):

You can as well! Perhaps another bugfix needed ;) Got a bit further this time - though I got stuck on board 10.

mik writes (yesterday):

I got to board 15. I could get to 12 without losing a try, but then I lost a few tries on every board from then on...

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