Space Snake

By JL235 - uploaded on 2008-7-23      1852 views (60 in the last 7 days)      11 votes (0 in the last 7 days)

Tags: game mouse physics remake snake space

Set in orbit of earth, be the Snake and conquer space. Watch out for the effects of gravity, don't crash into the Earth and don't stray too far out of the Solar System. Collect food to grow and collect it quickly to score more points!

turn left: A or left arrow key, or left mouse button.
turn right: D or right array key, or right mouse button.

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delmar writes (on 2008-7-23):

Great look and feel. I especially like the flying lines that make up the text and drawing.

polle writes (on 2008-7-24):

I survive about 1ms if I don't change the speed...

Level two should have more planets! And maybe something that repels the snake.

A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Jul 24 11:48:55 UTC 2008

A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Jul 24 14:02:22 UTC 2008


azuresky writes (on 2008-7-28):

Nice work JL235, very effective... really cool effects and a nice twist to the snake game...

mjrb4 writes (on 2008-10-6):

I just managed to travel through myself (so to speak) without dying... Not quite sure how I managed it, but there might be a small bug somewhere along the line!


JL235 writes (on 2008-10-7):

It's a known bug (although I was pretty sure it was fixed). I presume you were heading towards the world? It's because the snake is built up of points, so many points that it looks like a curved line. Two points make up a line or segment of the Snake, so for collision detection I just check if two segments are overlapping. However I was scared this could become very slow when you end up with thousands and thousands of points in the Snake so I only compare the first few (I think the exact number is 5) points at the head of the Snake against all the rest of the points in the Snake's body.

Personally I think of it as more of a quirk in the game rather then a bug (like how in the original Pac Man there is a position on the first level where you cannot be killed by ghosts). It's also quite dangerous to recreate because you can only do it reliably if your both close to the world and heading towards it (the gravity of the world makes you fast enough to do it). Typically the closer you are to the world the more likely you are to crash into something and die.

mjrb4 writes (on 2008-10-9):

Ah I see :)

Nah it's cool, wasn't trying to pick holes or anything just thought I'd point it out in case you weren't aware of it!

[email protected] writes (on 2008-10-24):

wow, nice movement :D


venyton writes (on 2008-11-6):

Nici work, congratulations ^^

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