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You are a tiny spaceship lost in space.
You must shoot and kill anything that gets into your way.
Be careful though, there are alien spaceships that can kill you
with its Tomatoes carrying greeps that blow up on contact.
That's why they were collecting Tomatoes... LOL!
Shoot the green boxes to pick up upgrades for your ship
As you progress through the levels, the game gets harder...and new stuff will happen.
PS: I'm sumitting this early for the contest, so there's some bugs in the game, and it's not complete yet. Level 20 is as far as I programmed.

LEFT (or A) and RIGHT (or D) turns the ship left and right respectively
UP (or W) moves ship forwards
DOWN (or S) moves ship backwards
E is to apply emergency breaks (stop the rocket completely)
SPACEBAR is to shoot normal weapon
Z is to shoot AAS, an 360 degree shot
To fire Electromagnetic Pulse - EMP, press X
Press C to shoot Homing Missles
Energy Shot - hold N
Ships squads - press B

-fixed loading error

10/11/08 10:23 PM
-Added load and save game features

10/12/08 8:10 PM
-Rocket now floats around
-when you die, you go back to the middle and start with 100 shield
-added new controls (E - stops ship immediately) (W,A,S,D new commands for moving)

10/13/08 4:17 pm
-Greatly improved gameplay efficiency by loading less images
-created image-independent rocket boosters

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mik writes (2 days ago):

That explains the tomatoes - finally!

Great game.

(And, no, applets -that is Java programs running in a web browser- are not allowed to write files. That's a security feature against malicious code.)

Good job,


A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Oct 12 05:07:30 UTC 2008

kenshinakh writes (2 days ago):

Thanks mik for the tip.
I've uploaded a new version, this version allows you to save your progress by clicking on the save / load button.
Btw, there appears to be a slight glitch with the new feature, there are certain situations where save/load will causes the objects to appear in the wrong place.
Just wonder, how do you tell java to look at a text file in root directory of the java applet?

JL235 writes (yesterday):

A really good first game, but I have a few suggestions. First put the speed bar up to about 3/4 of the way up, it's a lot smoother. Second improve the ships movement so it's more like proper asteroids. The forward and back buttons could increase or decrease speed and the player is constantly moving by this speed.

You could then try to make the players movement seperate from the direction of the ship. For example I could press forward, build up speed and start in that direction, then release forward, continue moving, then press left and turn 90 degrees but I continue moving in the original direction.

mjrb4 writes (yesterday):

Another suggestion - when you die, why not make the ship invincible for a while and/or return to the centre? I just died 3 times in a row because it placed me right on top of the asteroid that kiled me the first time!

A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Oct 13 03:09:36 UTC 2008

kenshinakh writes (yesterday):

thanks, I've implemented your suggestions. I also added a few new features to help cope with the physics.

davmac writes (yesterday):

Really good game. The thrust feels a little bit unresponsive though, and the ship appears to lurch when the rocket flame appears/disappears - I guess the images are different sizes? You could consider using a separate actor for the flame (though you'd need to position it well).

A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Oct 13 23:20:01 UTC 2008

kenshinakh writes (9 hours ago):

Thanks davmac for the advice. I implemented the idea, and it worked great, in fact, it made the game much less CPU intensive. So thanks.

Also, JL235, I've tried putting the speed bar up to 3/4, but it causes the game to become extremely speedy, so I guess the speed bar is different on different computers. That's why I allowed the game to have it's speed to be changed.

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