Castle Storm

By Builderboy2005 - uploaded on 2008-11-9      2059 views (495 in the last 7 days)      18 votes (1 in the last 7 days)

Tags: -Person -Shooter 3d Caster First Ray codepoint-08-school-16+ game simulation with-source

This thing is finally a game! You can change the keys if you are used to a different setup by clicking on Options on the main screen. before every level it gives you a code, which you can later use to get back to that level again. I hope you enjoy!

a-d to strafe
s to fire
w to reload
1-4 to select wepon
arrow keys to move

-Fixed a bug with the shotgun and cleaned up a small bit of the code.

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papasmirf writes (on 2008-12-9):

the keys don't match up with what is stated unless im retarded...


Builderboy2005 writes (on 2008-12-9):

did you change the key settings on the option menu? Cause they work for me.

A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Dec 09 05:30:12 UTC 2008


Zerg writes (on 2008-12-9):

I personally believe you deserved to beat Quest, but that is just my humble opinion.


Builderboy2005 writes (on 2008-12-9):

thanks for that,
and congratulations for winning first place! (and beating me!)


kenshinakh writes (on 2008-12-10):

Nice job! It was a really close competition and I had a lot of fun. I look forward to this scenario's development.

qnanqing writes (on 2008-12-10):

why this scenario not win ? this is a breaktrough you now ? from 2D to 3D

A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Dec 15 15:30:03 UTC 2008

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